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Residential Addiction Recovery Program
Spiritual Therapy Integrating Torah Wisdom With The 12 Steps

12 Steps & Big Book Alcoholics Anonymous
In-depth Study

Watch Videos/Listen to Audio

40 spiritual groups weekly
Individual spiritual sessions
Spiritual family / groups
Structured residences
Interactive classes
Universal spiritual path
Advanced meditation and prayer
Complementary transportation
Twelve-Step meetings and workshops
Recovery coaching
Vocational education / assistance
One on one mentoring in Torah studies
Physical health education
Spiritual follow-up groups
Alumni fellowship
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Why Twelve Step Rehab Program?

It is fact that in our modern times recovery from addiction utilizing cognitive behavioral therapies has reached all time lows, whereby multiple treatment episodes have become the norm, financially breaking many families desperately seeking solutions to save a loved one. The problem is that these medically based rehabs do not actually take their clients through the Twelve Steps but only introduce the client to AA/NA/GA/OA meetings telling them to "find a sponsor", or by lecturing theoretically what they believe the Steps are. This is completely inadequate, clients must experience most if not all Twelve Steps within residential treatment or relapse is most probable before they have the chance to prevent it.

The truth is that the spiritual experience or awakening needed to reconstruct the addict's personality cannot be transmitted by those who have not experienced it themselves, in spite of having book knowledge and clinical degrees. In fact, most treatment programs although using the Twelve Steps as a marketing tool actually are in conflict with the Steps.

We at Twelve Step Rehab Program a tract within Torah and the Twelve Steps, Inc utilize only expert therapists and highly trained clergy who have decades of experience helping addicts exclusively through the Twelve Steps. It works and rarely do we see a client fail in their recovery who make a even a modest effort to follow our program.

From Our Founder:
Rabbi Israel Burns MS, RMHCI

Rabbi Israel Burns MS, RMHCI has practiced as a therapist, chaplain, and spiritual counselor treating dual diagnosis and co-occurring disorders such as bipolar depression, OCD, ADHD, and PTSD. He has been involved in intervention through Judaic pastoral counseling and 12 steps spirituality with addicts for over twenty-eight years.



Why pay exorbitant prices for a Program?

Why should bundled services into a program cost the client so much more than the same exact services paid directly through a fee for service? We provide more actual recovery based services to our clients than the average residential program that costs three times what we charge, and many others who do little more, cost much more.



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